‘Artfully off-kilter, angular and perhaps even uncomfortable in moments, these poems find a rare clarity in the examination of difficult times. The therapist’s gesture, a bully’s graffiti, a phone call to a helpline all become the genesis of crystalline and precise poems in the hands of Jo Morris Dixon. But there is protest here too, I told you everything is both resolutely and complexly queer.’ – Richard Scott

‘Confessional, forensic and relentless, these formally dexterous poems swiftly propel the reader into the heart of the experience of childhood trauma, of coming of age and navigating gender and sexuality in a hostile and heteronormative environment. A bracing, rewarding and subtly redemptive read.’ – Jacqueline Saphra

‘Wow. This is quite some debut. Jo Morris Dixon’s poetry of queer adolescence is boldly original, angsty-gorgeous and bloody, achingly sad. I told you everything unsettles, surprises and impresses.’  – Katrina Naomi 

Cover Art: “grief minus the tissue box” by Jo Morris Dixon (gouache on A3)